What Music Means To Us

To feel like ourselves, to feel connected to life, to our memories,and to others - music has the ability to do all these things.This is especially valuable to our identity as we age or feel isolated from the rest of the world. Music has a neurological connection for us as well. Music can help us remember how to relax, how to keep going and carries with it happy memories of loved ones and hope. With personalized music, our residents can have some of their most powerful nostalgic moments back in their lives with a simple click.

How Music & Memory helps our Residents

Residents can be a wide range of ages with any number of medical reasons for needing help. Cancer, multiple sclerosis, as well as rehabilitation are all common in addition to Alzheimer's and more typical conditions. All benefit from personalized music.


How We Support Our Residents

Ideally, long-term care organizations are able to offer residents personally meaningful activities. With constraints in reimbursement rates, this presents a challenge. We make the long-term care setting more like home, as the inclusion of personalized music goes a long way to alleviate anxiety and loneliness.

Guides and Resources Free to Everyone

In addition to our free online video interviews of patients, administrators and caregivers offering timely perspectives, we provide free resource materials to leave more about how the program could help someone new. Contact us at MusicAndMemory.org